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Logo Design

Client: Barbell Fitness

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Date: 2020

Category: brand logo design

Approach: Barbell Fitness is an upcoming fitness company in Southern California providing exceptional quality fitness apparel. Their owner approached me to develop a logo from a provided image. We worked together to break down the elements and applications of his brand. He asked me for a vectorized version of the logo with their name in a font similar to one that they sketched out.

Process: The provided image felt powerful, yet overly ornate for an impactful logo mark. The array of black & white lines added a coastal or tribal tone. I decided to reduce the complexity of the line-work and simplify the surrounding negative space of the rhinoceros. I settled on the font Calvert by Margaret Calvert which provided strength with its sturdy slab serif shapes but dialed back with humanist features across the letterforms.

Outcome: Barbell Fitness is making strides in Southern California fitness markets. They loved the logo development I provided:

  • vectorizing the original image and preparing files for production
  • simplifying the logo in the same style, while emulating a more approachable presence
  • selecting a brand font-family for future brand applications
  • specifying a logo color system to work with their selected fabric colors
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