I am a determined designer seeking a job as a Visual Designer for a multi-disciplinary design team.

My name is Joseph Grable, but people call me Joey.

I was born and raised in Orange County, CA, went to school in Seattle, WA, and traveled to 4 of the world's continents.

(so far!)

A Little Bit About My Style

I am a craft-person fueled by collaboration, driven by research, devoted to data, and passionate about type, form & function.

I love when illustration and typography unite in

Branding Identity & Logo Design.

Serving Clientele from Across the Coast

Seattle University Dance Marathon

Seattle U. Center for Student Involvement

Seattle University Wellness Center

Seattle University Digital Design Cohort

Fragments Literary Arts Magazine

Kevin Chung, Cheese Meats Bread

SEEL Puget Sound

Capitol Hill Housing Association

Capitol Hill Arts District

Beach Dude, Inc.

Blacklight Fusion Band

CPS, Construction Planning Services

San Onofre Surf Company

Rotary of Bainbridge Island

Write On Calligraphy

Society for Calligraphy & Handwriting

Barbell Fitness


Collins & Associates


Surface Art Inc.

Graphic Design & Marketing Associate for Tile Industry Leader

Surface Art Inc.

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I volunteered as the Graphic Design & Marketing Committee Chair for

Seattle University
Dance Marathon

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Letters, Numbers, and Symbols (Oh My!)

Concourse Display font design

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My Blog of Experiments & Observations


Type Inspired Poster Designs Using CSS Grid
Font Vertical Metric Analysis
The Horse in Motion | A New Kind of Animated Font